Ideas To Make Money ?, Of the many articles about how to make money on the Internet, have you tried one of the methods they described and succeeded?

Some of you might have succeeded, but most of them might not have been. Or the worst thing is that it was already frustrated first when looking at the points in the article which mention things that are not detailed or impossible.

So, don’t necessarily make you give up and think that the internet can’t be used for money.

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This time I will give 10 Ideas To Make Money on Internet 2019.

Which is where later you can choose one or more, according to your preferences and abilities.

10 Ideas To Make Money on Internet 2019

1.Blogging, Youtube, Instagram

best business ideas to make money

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet even though it’s not the fastest way because bogging requires patience and a long time to get income this way. The absolute requirement for a blog to make money is the amount of traffic (visitors) to that blog.

There are many ways that can be done to bring traffic to a blog but basically, traffic is brought in 2 ways, namely paid and organic traffic (free). Paid traffic means traffic obtained by paid advertisements, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Blog Ads, and others. Whereas Organic Traffic is traffic that is naturally obtained, for example sharing useful articles to social media then social media users visit your blog, or through search engines (like Google, Yahoo).

From the experience of some bloggers and my experience, it takes at least 6-12 months for a blog or website to begin to show increased traffic from visitors, assuming there are 2-3 new articles every week.

2. Ideas To Make Money With Freelance

Freelancing or side work is one of the popular ways among online workers because the results can be felt right away and the fees are very tempting. There are many websites where the freelancers and employer gather (the name for the employer) starting from Upwork, toptal.comfiverr.comfreelancer.com and many more.

The results can be quite tempting. Just imagine wages for a designer in Odesk ranging from USD $ 30- $ 50 per hour.

Although it is quite tempting, getting a job on a freelancer site is not an easy matter, the reason is you have to compete with various people from other countries, especially India, Bangladesh, the Philippines who want to be paid lower, besides the main capital such as English, and selling yourself is absolutely necessary by a freelance worker.

3. Photography

ideas to make money from home

Almost all photos can bring additional income. Don’t believe it? Just try to look at the photos on shutterstock.comistockphoto.comphotoshelter.com

The photo of chili above, for example, you can get in the traditional markets or the nearest supermarket. With enough photography and editing techniques, you can get a photo that you can sell without paying a fee or free :). At Shutter Stock, for example, every photo downloaded will get royalties between $ 0.25 to $ 28. The owner of the photo will continue to be paid as long as the photo he has continues to be used by others, in other words, you can have passive income.

4. Ideas To Make Money With Affiliate

Have you ever heard of the term affiliate or affiliate? means connection or relationship as a member or branch.

You can do some affiliate programs without having to have your own online media (blogs, websites), like affiliate programs from Exabytes, but affiliate programs like Amazon, you need media such as blogs, websites, or social media so people can click on links or banner (provided by Amazon). From that link, Amazon can track the number of people you recommend.

There are various affiliate sales methods, including based on the number of sales, number of click links and number of contacts (personal information) collected.

5. Theme Design

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Similar to Photography, designing a theme for a website can also bring passive income for you web workers, even its potential can be greater than photography. Theme or theme is an outline of the appearance or shape of a website. Themes on the website can be a collection of colors, icons, fonts, images (or videos). Examples of themes such as Safari (animals), Halloween, children, and so on.

The design of the website theme can be divided into 2, namely the theme for CMS (Content Management System) and non-CMS. The difference is, the themes used for CMS are more likely to sell more because of the larger number of requests, for example, the most popular CMS, WordPress. In 2014, the WordPress theme was downloaded more than 123 million.

Some websites that you can make reference to selling website themes like themeforest.netthemeshift.comthemify.me.

6. Ideas To Make Money With Job Vacancies Reference

Not many people know that one business that is quite tempting and a requirement with small capital is employee recruitment services (Human Resource Consultants). Armed with a connection with a job seeker company and professionals or employees, this can be one source of income that you can lyrics.

With a little knowledge of using a Search engine (search engine), like Google and Yahoo, you can reach the rupiah coffers that are quite tempting. The way is by referring your friends to a job search company. Many job search companies offer referrals (people who provide references) large job vacancies from 50 $ – 300 $ each person you refer to and successfully becomes an employee at the company.

7. Broker

One of the easiest ways to get extra money from other internet is to become a broker or reseller of a product. Resellers or reselling items are easier to do because you don’t need to focus on producing or making goods. Marketing expertise or marketing of goods is the main capital in pioneering this business in addition to editing or photo manipulation expertise.

There are many items around you that you can sell on the internet. I myself have done this way. At that time I started my first online business by selling craft souvenirs from Malaysia. The results were quite tempting, which made me able to travel abroad for more than 1-week :).

Some websites that you can use to market your merchandise include Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and many more.

8. Ideas To Make Money With Freelance writer

ways for females to make money online

For those of you who like to write, don’t waste your writing just written on Facebook. Try to start entering your writing into a number of media to publish a lot of famous people who started their careers as blog writers,

Like most skills, being a writer requires a little talent, imagination (for fiction writers) and a strong desire because you will compete with hundreds or even thousands of writings every day when you offer your writing in print or electronic media. However, the payment you get for one published article is quite tempting starting from 30 $ to 150 $. Articles that you can write are not only about scientific, fictional stories, poetry, product reviews to the highest pay.

9. Rent room

Are there unused rooms in the house? Just rent it on Airbnb or some similar websites like ZenRooms, RedDoorz, and Airy Rooms. On these websites, your vacant room will be treated like a homestay where you greet your guests and serve guests who stay as well as at the hotel. Guests who are satisfied or dissatisfied with the service during their stay at your place can pour the description on the website.

This room rental business is rife in many countries. Some travelers prefer to stay at a homestay rather than a hotel for various reasons, including a much cheaper price compared to a hotel, a more intimate atmosphere and more personal and special service offered. In addition, guesthouses usually only accommodate a limited number of guests so travelers who prefer peace will choose to stay at the guesthouse.

10. Ideas To Make Money With Online Marketing Consultant

Have you ever heard what is an Online Marketer, Internet Marketer, Digital Marketer? Broadly speaking, they are people who work to market or advertise an item or service on the internet. Advertising on the internet is divided into 2 types, namely advertising without pay (free) or paid advertising. Free online advertising media like Kaskus, Blog. While paid ads like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Detik.com and many more.

To become an Online Marketer, you need to know SEO, copywriting, experience in paid advertising (like Google ads and Facebook ads), graphic design and data analysis. It sounds difficult indeed, but in the digital era like today where almost everything can be found on the internet, so business voters are competing to develop their business online (on the internet).

Of the 10 Ideas To Make Money Quickly 2019 that I wrote above, there is one absolute thing that you must have when deciding to start an online business, namely a website or blog. By having a website or blog, you can market the above 10 ideas on your website, from blogging, showing freelancing work portfolios, displaying various photos, to learning how to market products, all you can try on your own website.

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