How to make money online fast today there are many options that you can use, as will we discuss through this article.

How much money can be Generated from the Internet?

Perhaps this is a question that first appeared in your mind.

For an income, you can get affected by many factors, ranging from how consistent and focus you in working on it, to the type of business pursued.

To earn an income on the internet cannot be done quickly, because it requires a process.

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So you need to have a commitment that it may get the appropriate expectations.

Things that must be prepared to start

How to earn money from the internet

Before seeking an income through the internet, make sure you’ve done the preparation in advance in accordance with the options that you will try.

The following are the important things that you have before you start to make money online fast on the internet.

You need to know, this is new to the big picture, the details will be described in any way that we will discuss.

  • 1. Supporting Device

The device in question is a tool that can be used to access the internet. Recommended is a computer or smartphone if your funds are limited.

  • 2. Internet connection

The current internet connection has become a compulsory requirement is fulfilled for smartphone users. Similarly, when you will look for revenue online, internet connection is one of the main ones.

  • 3. Understanding

Option to generate revenue from the internet is certainly not the only one, there are currently many different ways that you can use to generate the money coffers.

Despite this, so that you can successfully be sure to understand the business or businesses that will be run.

For example, you want to earn revenue from your blog with Adsense as a source of income. It should be understood, namely how to increase visitors to the blog a lot and understand the workings and rules of Google Adsense.

  • 4. Email account and other accounts

The email address is one of the things You will have when the mandatory registration or for display on a website so that it is easy to be contacted.

If you do not understand how to make it, please follow our tutorial on how to create an email.

In addition to email address, you’ll also need a social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram (depending on the type of business being run).

  • 5. Bank account

Because to generate revenue that will run over the internet, will certainly be needed a Bank account. This will ease you in receiving payment, either from the company or customers who buy your products or services.

The following 11 Ways to make money online fast

1. Make Money Online Fast With sell Stuff

how to make money online without paying anything

If you can provide the required goods and more people?

Why not try selling it over the internet. You only need to display the picture come to the details of goods sold.

So as not to have to bother getting out of the House to perform the delivery of the goods, you can search for a supplier that offers a reseller program sent directly to customers. It’s easy to find it, you can look it up on Google by typing in keywords related to the reseller, the reseller for example clothes.

How Do I Sell It?

If the items to be sold is already available, now is the time to start doing sales.

To sell it, it’s been a lot of different media buy sell online that you can use for free. Starting from a marketplace like eBay, to social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Make Your Trusted Business

To increase the confidence level of the prospective buyer, make sure you have a website to display along with your contacts.

Then How Do I Create A Website?

Certainly, it is a question that pops up in your mind completely yet understood the website and its functions.

We’ve been providing a tutorial on the steps to create a website for beginners. Please follow the following tutorial about how to create an online store.

2. Make Money Online Fast With follow Affiliate Program

how to make money from home

For those of you who still hears the word foreign affiliate or affiliate, for the description of easily could imagine the workings of a REALTOR.

For example, Realtor home, they will disseminate information on homes that are for sale.

If the House is sold through his hands, then he will benefit in the form of money in accordance with an agreement made between a Realtor and homeowners.

The number of benefits depending on the deal could be a few percents of the home price or selling price minus the desired price homeowners.

For the affiliate business is not much different, you need only offer affiliate products then if sold You will get a Commission in accordance with the assigned company.

The products here are varied, depending on the company you follow.

For example, to Bluehost has products in the form of hosting services (Please read the article about the notion of hosting, if you want to know what it is hosting). You only need to share the link referral or promo code from your affiliates, then you will earn Commission from every purchase new hosting through Your referral link.

3. Make Money Online Fast Only create an eBook

how to make money fast

Perhaps you have a skill or knowledge in a particular field, it doesn’t hurt to try to make the eBook. Make sure that you create the eBook has easy-to-understand wording, so what you want to convey can be understood by the reader.

For example, if Your eBook is about the tutorial, make sure the steps clearly with accompanied screenshot or images.

What are the advantages of making an eBook?

As the title of this article, you already have an idea of what profit making eBook. Most people who try their luck in the world of internet marketing is certainly never made eBook, here are the benefits:

  • 1. Get a Subscriber

If you want to make money online fast from internet, make sure it has a loyal subscriber. Not much different when you are selling, it certainly must have loyal customers so that Your merchandise sold well.

To get a loyal subscriber, the best way is to get their email addresses in a way obliges subscribe before eBooks will download it for free.

  • 2. Earning

Most bloggers to earn more focus on blog content that they create, while eBooks can be utilized to increase conversions.

There are two things you can take advantage of, you first will get their email addresses to send email pitches about the product you are selling. Then the second, you could insert affiliate links.

  • 3. Increase the number of Readers

PDF file very easily shared and accessed at any time without having to require an internet connection. Thus, the potential number of readers of your writing will increase. Make sure the contents of your eBook has the benefit that can solve the problems of many people.

The following Steps create the eBook:
a. the Target Market Research

Before you create the eBook, make sure to find out who Your eBook reader later.

Here’s how …

You can find keywords that many people wanted to resolve the issue. To find it can take advantage of the various tools that are available for free or paid.

For a free tool can use Google’s Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest.

b. topics and Titles

Once you know who is the target market for eBook created will certainly easily create content for solving them. So be sure to make the appropriate topic with your target audience as well as an interesting title.

Make sure that you make the title represents what You discussed in the eBook and give you an idea if it is what is discussed to resolve the problem.

c. Outline

Create an outline or framework for an eBook is the mandatory thing you do before writing the article.

How important is an outline you will know when writing an eBook or articles are quite long?

Here is the reason why the outline for an eBook is the important thing.

  • Focus: an outline will help you to focus, so you can determine what will be written. Starting from the first sentence to the last sentence to a conclusion. The framework can accelerate your writing in the get it done with effective (for this article, certainly we make an outline in advance).
  • Understand the plot: it would be easier to understand the flow of an article when reading outline first if compared to read all the content of the article. Before reading this article, You’ll surely read the subtitle of his first. So an outline can tell readers about what you discussed.
  • Right: you will know for sure about the writing that will be discussed. So it does not make the article outside of the discussion.
  • Complete: you’ll easily do some checking whether the article you write is complete or not. So no message is missing to the reader.
d. Write eBook

After you finish creating the outline or skeleton eBook, next is supplementing it with articles. To write an eBook, you can use Open Office to be had for free.

In addition, it features a full rotation You do export file from .doc to.PDF files.

You have to figure out why people want to download eBooks you create.

The reason is simply that they want to know how to do something. Therefore, be sure to show or explain in advance about what will be discussed.

For most eBooks usually begins with a table of contents page.

Then for the structure of writing.

As there are subheads, lists, and also a paragraph which is not too tightly. So people who read via the mobile device more convenient.

Use also the image which has a good quality. To search for images can be through stock images for free.

Regarding the use of letters as simple as Arial, Verdana or Georgia. For the size of 14 or 16 with black color. Do not use the color red.

To make sure that you create the eBook has quality content so that it can resolve the problems readers, be sure to ask for professional help to check the results of your writing.

A no less important part about eBook covers. Make sure you create a cover that is interesting because this is the first part of which was seen by visitors.

Although there is the term “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but for You that will make eBook, make sure to use an attractive cover.

Based on a survey The Book Smugglers, there are 79% of a total of 616 people who agree if the book cover is made into consideration when they are going to buy a book.

e. Compress to PDF

This is the next step after You finish writing, that turns it into a PDF file.

Why PDF?

Because these files are accessible through a variety of devices. To do a conversion from Word to PDF, currently already available a variety of tools for either Ms. Word or PDF online tool such as small.

f. Promote your eBook

After the eBook is already so the next step is to tell the people who were the target.

Order your eBook a lot of downloads and more targeted, can be done in many ways.

One of them is using advertising services like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

4. Make Money Online Fast With Join the AdSense Program

how to make money without leaving your house

Do you have a friend or neighbor who every day in homes but still earn?

Don’t be negative at first, thought maybe she was a blogger who has a source of income from Google Adsense.

What is Google AdSense?

This is a service owned by Google to display ads on a website. These ads come from people or companies who want to do promotions through Google AdWords in accordance with certain keywords.

The Gains Follow The Google AdSense Program

  • More targeted ads

Your ad will be matched with the review done in advance so that according to their content or visitors to your website.

Besides, the ads will be adjusted to the type of device used.

So living will you get has a greater potential.

For this type of advertising that you can install either a type of ad text, images, multimedia and much more.

  • The control in your hands

You don’t have to worry about negative ads for the content because each and will be reviewed first.

In addition, you can also do some checking ads, then block the ads that you don’t want to be displayed on your blog.

In fact, you can also do the blocking on a particular advertiser and choose ads that match your content.

  • Only the highest-paid Ads that are displayed

Advertisers will be competing to put an ad in the best section on your website. So to the potential that you can produce will be bigger, with ads that are right on target.

  • Responsive Advertising

Advertising on your website will perform well in a variety of devices, either desktop or mobile device.

Ad size will follow the screen size of the device used. So you will still be earning even though visitors are accessing your blog through a smartphone or tablet device.

  • Optimize Revenue

You can view reports about ad units which have the best revenue and advertising revenue with less. So you can easily determine which ads are displayed based on a fixed position and types of ads.

How it works how?

Sure you still remember about how to do a promotional eBook so that more targeted. For example, there are companies that want to advertise their products via Google AdWords with a specific keyword. Then the ads appear on your blog.

Well, you will get paid every there are people who do click on the ads displayed on Your website or blog.

5. Article Creation Services

real ways to make money from home

Growing number of people trying their luck on the internet as to make a blog to follow the AdSense program, will certainly more and more blog owners who need articles.

This is an opportunity for those of you who love the field of writing, this is one of the ways to make money online fast from internet that you can try.

How to start it how?

One way you only need to emulate those who have previously lived through it, for it can be seen how they do promotion services.

You can visit the forums of internet marketing, such as Reddit or other.

Please join, then find a thread or posting the person selling the article. From there you can mimic many things, ranging from the type of article, the specified price and so on.

Please note, then publish your new thread to open article writing services.

6. Make Money Online Fast With sell Domain

In the modern era like today, many investment opportunities that are available, not only of investment gold or property. It turns out you can make the most of your domain to make money online fast. You can purchase domain names that have a name that sells.

7. Make Money Online Fast With selling your Website or Blog

Sell websites we mean is a website that has already had visitors along with the amount of income earned each month.

For the process cannot be reached quickly as open website creation services, because you are selling is a website that has a visitor and if possible that have earnings.

But for the price that you can be several times the amount of net income generated the website each month.

Net income in question is after the cut in operating costs such as hosting fees and others.

For example for a website that successfully sold at Flippa, net earnings for each month is $140, which sold for $11,740 dollars.

ways to make money without working
Image by: Flippe.com

How To Sell A Website?

  • Find Ideas

The first step you need to do of course is to create a website with content themes that you have from previous research.

If you still remember how to research your target market to make the eBook, you can use the way to determine the type of content that will be made later.

Or you can search through Google Trends or through the site and sell websites such as Flippa.

  • Create a website

After the idea already, the next step you can immediately create a website, please follow the tutorial on how to make your website if you want to know how to create a website fast with maximum performance. Then fill the website with quality content.

  • Memonetisasi (Optional)

If your website already has organic visitors (visitors coming from search engines such as Google), immediately monetize or search for resources for your website. There are many different types of resources that you can use, such as CPC advertising programs like Adsense or affiliate programs like Amazon to make money online fast.

  • Sell website

The next stage is to sell the website so that selling prices are high we suggest you do monetize the website first. To sell it you can buy and sell through the site of online business such as Flippa.

The types of websites that can be sold

For websites that you can sell not only as a website that contains content, but many types of websites can you sell, such as websites, eCommerce services, etc.

8. create a YouTube Video content

fun ways to make money

Although YouTube has changed its policies regarding YouTube Partner Program requirements on 16 January 2018, it aims to ensure income maker YouTube content remains stable.

This is an opportunity for those of you who want to try how to make money online with Google in addition to create a blog. You only need to create a compelling video content, then upload on YouTube.

This is one of the online business without large capital. You have the opportunity to earn a great income, although only capitalization camera phones and internet connection.

The more interested in your video, earning opportunities will be even greater.

You will earn from the first two options, make money online fast from the ad impressions displayed on video and the second a YouTube subscriber of Red.

How To Get Started

If you already have a Google account, please login directly to YouTube.

  • Once you are logged in your YouTube account, please click the icon of your account that is in the top right corner, then choose the Creator Studio.
  • Then in the menu that is on the left side of the menu please select the Channel > Status and features.
  • Please click enable in the section on monetization, then follow the instructions that appear.

So that you can receive the payment, it takes your Adsense account. Please create Adsense account or you can link your Adsense account to your channel if you already have an AdSense account.

9. Make Money Online Fast With Create Mobile app

If you like playing games, certainly knows the game Flappy Bird who had viral with advertising revenue reached $50,000 in a day.

You also have the same opportunity, just needed the ability to make mobile app such as Android and then uploaded via Play Store.

So what if could not make mobile apps, you could pay for Android developers to make applications as desired.

If you want to learn to create an Android app, Android developer site can.

Then, to market, it can be uploaded in Play Store with $25 to pay the registration fee.

10. So the author of the article

Have the expertise to write doesn’t have to always publish books or novels. You can make money online fast in a short time by being a contributor on the website that pays its author. You only need to write the article according to the specified theme.

To model the payout varies, ranging from paid per word, per article up for results by website owner from ad revenue earned.

11. Make Money Online Fast With the Microstock

For those of you who like to explore the field of photographers or graphic design, the options this one could serve as a passive income stream. You only need to generate a lot of images (photographs, vector illustrations, and others) and then upload it to the website provider of microstock.

Your image can be purchased many times and you will get paid from the sale proceeds. Although the options this one isn’t an instant ways to make money online fast, if you routinely send images, the result is certainly big enough.


To earn money from the internet is not much different when you make money online fast, need an understanding as well as seriousness. So before you get started, make sure you’ve understood the way it works and the focus of running it.

If you have any other way, though not through the internet, please feel free to share it via the comments field, so that it could provide inspiration for the readers of this blog.

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