If you consider having extra income, you may consider taking freelance jobs. Today, by the presence of internet technology, there are many sites that provide you freelance jobs vacancy. Here is the list of those popular sites.

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What is Freelance Work?

Freelance work is a job with a period of time that is not fixed, where the work relationship between the business owner and the employee does not have a contract as well as the work in another office or agency.

Some companies need freelancers because there are not always projects. So if hiring permanent employees it will cost a lot of money.

On the other hand, there are also many people who have high qualifications but prefer to become freelancers. One reason is because of family factors.

A best graduate mother in a top-grade college can have an idealism to become a full-time mother so she prefers to become a freelancer who doesn’t interfere with her baby’s time.

Maybe also some people choose to become freelancers because they don’t like being tied to the office and all the rules.

Because the age has progressed, people who do work with a freelance system do not have to know each other or are in the same domicile of the region.

Now there is internet technology that allows work to be done online. Thus, just sitting at home without leaving your family, someone can get additional income.

12 Best Freelance Jobs Online For Beginners 

Some websites become providers of information about job vacancies with a freelance system for additional income from home. Therefore, here are some important info from the 9 most popular sites.

Site 1: Freelance.com

best freelance jobs

The Freelance.com site provides various job information that can be done online. So, even if you are at home someone can still get enough income.

Validation of data from applicants and job opening agencies is very important for the security of all parties. Therefore, Freelance.com which is a provider of information on job vacancies with the freelance system also underlines this.

Every member who registers an account as an agency owner or prospective job applicant must fulfill the data completely and validly according to reality.

Site 2: Sribulancer.com

freelance jobs online for beginners

Sribulancer is more local website than other websites. It is one of the most popular sites in Indonesia offering variety of jobs like web designs, graphic designs, articles writing, translators, or even marketing for social media. It takes the payment through transfer banking, since it realizes that there are some people who don’t possess a credit card. The website isn’t only available in English, but it also available in Indonesian.

Site 3: Projects.co.id

freelance writing jobs

Projects is also one the largest freelance jobs provider websites in Indonesia. Here you can find many kinds of online jobs like IT, social media, SEO, and other digital marketing. In addition, Project also provides you features that enable you to do online transactions like eBook, T-shirt designs, website templates, , and many more.

Here, you can promote the products through the available link. When registered people do the transaction, you’ll get commissions for the payment.

Site 4: Upwork.com

freelance jobs near me

Upwork is recognized as the best freelance website since it provides the high quality services. It shows from the special feature that helps to detect whether the jobs offered is real or fake. It also possible for you to filter the jobs that available fits your qualifications or not. The website is also possible to be utilized by any kind of size of organizations and freelancers with different skill ability. That’s why the web has the biggest number of clients and freelancers.

Site 5: Guru.com

For freelance jobs makers or those who need it, Guru.com will provide a variety of adequate facilities. The advantages of this site are its extensive network of 1,500,000 individuals and institutions in the fields of technology, creative industries, business projects, and so on.

Site 6: 99designs.com

Another websites that focuses on offering vacancy for graphic designers is 99Design. Like Sribu, the website also uses the contest system to select the designer to be assigned for certain projects.

Site 7: Fiverr.com

Various fields of work ranging from music, design, freelance writing jobs, too, digital marketing is the target of the realm of job vacancy information sharing on Fiverr.com. Because of its very professional nature, the project owners there always work with high quality.

Site 8: Toptal.com

On the front page of Toptal.com, project owners will be able to see freelancers who can be chosen. After checking the match between the required qualifications and the competency of the applicant, the work system will be held.

This site is almost without risk and there have been many large projects in the fields of development, design and finance that have experienced great success.

Site 9: Stackoverflow.com/jobs

Stackoverflow.com provides services in the form of a list of jobs that can be selected as an income generating field. Simply leave one click and start contacting the project owner, so the work process of a very easy freelancer can be resolved.

Site 10: Crowdsource

The website fits you who are looking for jobs in making content, editing, Media Company, and publishers. It has features that is able to choose you whether you are perfect for the job or not. If you are considered perfect for the job, you can be assigned through integrated platform. If you are judged good employee, you will get more compensation and get bigger access to more jobs available.

Site 11: Gobann

This site is quite unique comparing to others. It has its own way in offering freelance jobs for the applicants. Gobann has two main menus, Kangtao and Demand. Kangtao is for the freelancers who would like to offer their services, while the Demand is for the project owners who would like to look for the employee. All services offered in this website are set at the same price, which is IDR 50.000.

Since you only need to spend IDR 50.000, there are a lot people offer unique services in this websites, for example, make the caricature from your pictures, make the slide with various background, or even the quick housekeeping services which can be finished in an hour.

Site 12: Sribu

Sribu is one of Sribulancer subsidiaries focusing on the graphic designs. The designs they offer include the logo design, website, mobile app, until the interior designs. If you want to get freelance jobs from this site, you’ll have to submit your work, then the clients will choose the one he feels perfect for the projects.

Freelancer App

Besides the website, there are apps available today to get freelance jobs easily. Here is the list of the apps.

Gmail & Google Apps

They may look outdated apps, but when you see the apps thoroughly and closer, you’ll see the reason why, they become the best apps for freelancers.


Cushion is an app developed by freelancers who want a platform that allow them to arrange and plan their own year for they commonly face problems in balancing between the life and the work.

Focus Booster

The main key as a successful freelancer is the ability to manage the time well. And because there’s no way to lengthen the day or slow down the time cycle, there is available method that you can use. It’s a Pomodoro Technique.

Set your time for 25 minutes to work without a break, then, have 5 minute break. Then restart your 25 minutes working time again, and then continue the same pattern to work in a day. By doing so, you actually extend your break time to 30-60 minutes.


With Dropbox you can do save, organize, and share your files and folders to make your jobs easier to be done.


There are a lot of business uses this app already since it contains powerful features that enable you to create business report and resume getting a comprehensive business financial situation right now.


If you’re kind of Visual people, this app is really helpful for you to visualize your thoughts. It’s just an incredible way to figure out your ideas, and then share it with others.


This app is perfect for you when you need to make a professional presentation of your thoughts on the business. It contains metric, design tools, and websites to brows; just all the things you need to make your perfect presentation.


Not only help you to find freelance jobs, but this app also helps you to block out features on your smartphone that you consider them unimportant. You can set up the app on your phone, and then some disturbing apps will be temporarily blocked. This app is also applicable on the laptop.

Trusted Site for Freelancer Jobs

For those of you who are looking for a freelancer jobs, it never hurts to look for the job through the site that we have described before. Lots of information that you will get through the site.

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