In this day and age, the amount and price of life necessities continue to increase, sometimes even not proportional to the monthly salary that seems to be stuck in the same amount. In good financial management, you should have savings for future retirement. But with limited salary, savings sometimes feels difficult to achieve. If you happen to face this condition, then it is time for you to think about some side business to help you earn more money for better financial management.

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Some people usually tend to immediately start their business once they find ideas that sound interesting. However, starting a business need a lot of thought and planning, especially if this is going to be a side business you do outside of work. Find out what field do you want and whether you have enough passion and knowledge regarding that side business idea you want to do. When you find out what type of business you want, the next step should be easier, that is working on the ideas you have.

For some inspiration, below is a list of business ideas you can try outside of your working time.

47 Best Side Business Ideas That Are Worth Trying

A list of business ideas may initially only be considered a sideline, but when it is run well, it can turn out to be a large-scale business, you know. The proof is that there are many stories of entrepreneurs who succeed globally thanks to simple ideas or starting from their side businesses.

1. Copywriting

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The development of the internet changes the way business works. Individual and even business are creating websites and blogs either to promote their products or create content. Therefore, copywriters are always needed in this field. While the hourly wages for amateur copywriters are not very high, you can still earn a good amount of income when you have experience and a great portfolio as a copywriter. If you don’t really have enough capital to start, this can be the best business to start with little money.

2. Translator

If you master more than one language with perfect grammar and spelling, then you can try translating. This job does not need money to start and can make you earn more than enough if you have a great experience. Another great thing about this job is that you can do it remotely so it is quite flexible for you that have long office hours.

3. Graphic Design

Whether you have a formal background in graphic design or not, this field is a great option for a side business as long as you have the skills and creativity for it. This side business can generate a lot of income when you have great reviews and able to catch potential customers.

4. Pet Sitting

Pet-sitting is not only a job for teenagers. You can also do this outside your office hours. While it is not really the most successful small business ideas, it can be a good alternative if you don’t want a side job that requires you to sit all day on your computer. If you love animals, have time, patience, and affection towards them, that this might be a great side business for you.

5. Driver

Another side job worth to try is to work as a driver. You can join Uber or other similar services and become a driver outside your office hours. This job is great for you who loves to drive around the city, but a little warning for you, it can also quite physically demanding.

6. Makeup Artist

If you love makeup and have the talent for it, then you can try makeup artist as your side job. This is easily a profitable business idea and you don’t really need a specifically dedicated space for it. This job can turn into a lucrative business simply from referrals or word-of-mouth from your satisfied customers.

7. Dropshipper

This one is easier to do and perfect for you who don’t want too much physical work after long hours at the office. This business does not really need much money to start because you only act as an intermediary agent.

8. Handcrafting

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There is a lot of online marketplaces today which open a huge opportunity for you to sell something you made. If you have a knack for making handcraft, such as bracelets, rings, furniture, and many more, you can try selling them on Etsy, one of the world’s largest independent marketplaces.

9. Rent Your Car

If you barely use your car, you can rent it out and make some cash from it. Services like RelayRides help you rent out your car without compromising your car’s safety. All the drivers that are going to rent the car are pre-screened to ensure that your car is in good hands.

10. Renting Your Room

Another great way to earn money is by renting out your spare bedroom. You can use Airbnb to help you with this business. Not only this will help you earn some additional money, but you can also have a chance of making new friends.

11. Music Instructor

Don’t let your skills to play musical instrument ended up just as a hobby. If you play musical instruments well enough, you can open a private music instructor business as a side job. It is fun and of course, can help you earn a good amount of money.

12. Tutor

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If you major in a certain subject like maths, English, science, etc. during college, it can be a great chance for you to work as a tutor for your side job. You can start to tutor kids in particular subjects on your home, coming to their house, or even online.

13. Photographer

If you love taking pictures, you can work as a photographer during your free time. This jobs can pay very well especially if you photographing events such as weddings. You can also dedicate one room in your house a small studio for a studio photography shoot.

14. Catering

Turn your love for cooking into small business ideas by opening a catering business. While it does requires a lot of time and effort, this can be a good option if your office hours don’t take too much time.

15. Tailor

The last recommendation is working as a tailor for your side job. You can create custom-made clothes and dress and promote it online. Therefore, you don’t really have to go anywhere and can do this job at your own house.

16.Dropship business

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Dropship business is an online business where sellers do not need to have stock. You only serve as an intermediary. Your job is simply to promote goods through social media, personal blogs, forums or online stores.

Well after there are consumers who buy, your next task is to tell the supplier to send the product. The task is then handled by the supplier.

All of these processes can be automated

17. Reseller business

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For those of you who don’t have a product but want to have stock, you can run a business with a type of reseller.

There are online resellers and offline resellers. The term is the same as an ordinary trader. For this reason, this business is perfect for those of you who like to communicate and have extensive networks.
There are also many online reseller businesses, you can look for trusted suppliers or through some of the big marketplaces that exist today.

18. Property without capital

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Property is the best business in the world that will continue to experience growth. You certainly know the reason. Yes because the population continues to increase.

In addition, the property is the most promising investment sector and the value of its assets will continue to grow every year.

You can run this side business without capital, only need extensive communication and network skills.

How to?

Try to see, whether around your location is building housing. Get to know the owner of the developer, then try offering cooperation so that you can become a property broker. In addition to this method, there are other ways, namely from newspaper advertisements. You can look at each property ad in your area, then contact the developer.

19. Selling used clothes

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Billy Mardyono is a successful businessman in this field. The profits he earned could reach 100 times as quoted from the site. Depending on the buyer, whether for flea or direct buyers.

Not only used clothes, but the 27-year-old man also sells parkas, jeans, sweaters, flannel, long sleeves, hats, and jackets.

You can run this side business from anywhere. Take advantage of social media as Billy Mardyono did.

What can we learn from here?

  • Billy Mardyono uses an interesting tagline
  • Mastering social media and understanding marketing methods
  • Tenacious and willing to try

20. Laundry Service

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Laundry services can be a very profitable side business opportunity. Especially for those of you who are in the campus area, employee complex or in the center of the city. Busyness in these areas makes laundry services highly sought after.

The equipment needed is also not too complicated. With a capital of around $ 1000 including employee salaries, you can start a laundry business.

21. Open private lessons or courses

This one home-based business ideas for moms is still wide open, both for those of you who are in the countryside or in urban areas. There are various courses that you can run:

  • Computer courses
  • English language courses
  • Driving course
  • Sewing course
  • And various types of other fields of science

Opening a course business cannot just go straight. Need permission from the government so that your business runs smoothly.

22. Sewing Services

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The sewing business is actually a very promising business. This is because these services are still very much needed. Try to pay attention in urban areas or in developing rural areas, you will find a lot of tailors scattered everywhere.

Not only that, sewing skills can actually be developed so that the benefits can be increased.

Here are some skills that can be resold sewing.

  • Sewing course
  • Curtains, and various other creativity.
  • Become a fashion designer
  • Etc

23. Typing Services

The next business that you can do is the typing service business. Especially for those of you who live in the campus area, office area, and school. Typing services are the most desirable services.

For the first step, just prepare one computer unit and printer. Now if it starts to get crowded, you can add computer units and employ several employees.

Besides providing typing services, you can actually open other additional services that are still in touch. Here’s an example.

  • Photo editing services
  • Invitation card, business card, etc.
  • Laptop service.
  • Selling computer equipment such as a mouse, keyboard, laptop holder, printer ink and so on.

24. Decorative fish

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Sometimes, the price of ornamental fish can be beyond logic. For example, ready-made lohan fish, the price is very high.

The appeal of ornamental fish is indeed unique and very promising if used as a side business. Well so that your business is successful, here are some methods that can be done.

  • Look for popular types of ornamental fish at high prices and focus
  • Understand breeding techniques so that your business continues to grow
  • Join ornamental fish lovers to get your target market for promotions
  • Know the types of ornamental seawater and freshwater

25. Offering culinary products

The next best business to start with little money is perfect for those of you who like culinary. Maybe you live in the location of the employee complex or other busy locations. You can take advantage of these conditions to open a variety of culinary businesses such as:

  • Brownies
  • Birthday cake
  • Cupcake
  • Cake rises
  • Steamed sponge cake

26. The business of Various Types of Crafts

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For those of you who have the talent to make various types of crafts, this business is also very profitable if you are indeed smart in this matter. You can make various types of crafts made from various types of materials.

27. Cultivation of Freshwater Fish

The climate in the world is very suitable for cultivating fish as an income mine. Moreover, the need for fish for side dishes continues to increase due to population growth.

Thus, you can do fish farming as a side business, for example, carp, catfish, cork fish, tilapia, carp, tilapia fish. Everything has promising potential. The important thing is we want to learn how to cultivate these fish.

28. Motorcycle and Car Wash Services

For beginners, you can start with motorcycle washing services first. Because the equipment needed is cheaper when compared to equipment for car washing.

This business is very attractive, as evidenced by the number of motorcycle queues that we see in the laundry. Plus the number of vehicles continues to increase every year.

Laundry business is usually flooded with customers during the rainy season. However, it is no different from ordinary days if your quality and service provide comfort for customers.

29. Copy Service

Photocopy business is a promising business for anyone. Especially for those of you who are in the following areas:

  • Campus
  • School
  • Offices
  • Government

The location above has great potential if a copy business is opened. Photocopy service users are usually from students, employees, office workers, students, and the general public

30. Selling Assorted Ready-to-Eat Snacks

For those of you who are in the crowded areas of the city, developing villages or employee and campus complexes, you can try this one side business which is to open a fast-food business.

31. Selling various types of children’s snacks

Important and need to be remembered … Children are the next generation, so make food that is guaranteed in terms of health.

Here are some examples of children’s snacks.

  • Omelet
  • Grilled sausage
  • Cassava chips
  • And various other snacks

32. Photo Editor

Even though now the camera gadgets are everywhere, coupled with editing capabilities, it turns out this business is still very promising.

Especially for those of you who have a photographer’s acquaintance. You can take some of their jobs if there is a wedding reception. In addition, you can try to be a photographer independently, try taking photos of the scenery, then learn about good photo editing.

33. Making wedding invitation cards, business cards

If you are proficient in Photoshop or Corel Draw software, you can try opening a business in this field. Enough with a laptop and printer, you can open a side business in this field.

How is the promotion done?

Nearest promotion of friends first. To do a promotion there are actually many ways. Can use social media like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The important thing is the quality of your work is proven.

34. Printing such as banners, screen printing and the like

The screen printing business is actually still very promising. Lots of orders that we often see for those who open a screen-printing business.

Usually, the screen printing business will be flooded with orders during elections or when there are certain events filled with sponsor messages. Indeed, it requires relatively large capital to buy a printing machine.

35. Interior Designers or house designers

For those of you who have talent in the field of housing design, it never hurts to try to run this one-sided business idea. Yes, now the population continues to increase, property needs also continue to increase.

You can open interior design services, or open a home image design service. Many of you are looking for this service on the internet. Try to type your keywords on Google, home design services, you will find lots of websites that offer these services.

What is the name of the application for drawing a 3D houses. Here are some examples:

  • Google scetchup => This application is perfect for beginners and is very easy to use to create 3D home view images
  • Autocad => Can be used for 3D and building work drawings
  • Revit architecture

How to do a promotion?

Try doing a promotion to the closest friend first by telling them that you can make a home design both interior and exterior. Then take advantage of social media for further promotions.

Make some sample images so that others can find out how the quality of your image is

36. Wedding Souvenir side business

The joy of the wedding is certainly the dream of every bride and groom, so many brides who want to make their event so beautiful. As a thank you, souvenirs were given to the invited guests.

Souvenir business opportunities are very promising to be a business. You can find these ideas on the internet. When your business is famous, you will get orders continuously.

Here’s how to find ideas and ways to start this business:

  • Try looking for a type of souvenir that is a unique but cheap luxury
  • Frequently ask questions and look for examples of those who are already successful
  • Making useful souvenirs

How to?

Times have advanced, take advantage of the internet, look for the most unique examples. Then create it with the results of your expertise.

Use social media for the first step of promotion that you do, such as by using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This social media is quite crowded and can be used for marketing activities.

37. Accessories Shop or Digital Store

You can open an accessories shop to be a side business. This business is quite promising if we are smart to treat delicious popular products.

Complete your shop with a variety of accessories, such as watches, mobile accessories and sell electrical pulses.

The concept of a digital kiosk is actually just like an ordinary warung. For example, you have a shop that sells various processed products. There is nothing wrong with you also serving sales and promotions using the internet. This is what digital stalls say.

38. Cake Shop

The next stall that you can make a side business is a cake shop. Cake shops are usually very advanced in crowded locations such as ports, terminals, etc. Because they want them to want to buy snacks for the family.

There are various types of cakes that can be sold, ranging from cakes and pastries. You can also sell cakes from each region.

39. Author

Did you know that this trend of writing continues to increase. This is due to the continued growth of the internet sector business. 

Where are the articles sold?

There are several media that need articles. Especially media – big media like:

  • News media portal
  • Media blog – big blog
  • E-commerce site for sales letters or for product reviews
  • Write a review and get paid
  • For company sites
  • Write digital books or ordinary books

How to do promotion?

You can use social media for promotions, as do some other online freelance writers. Learn to watch and imitate the way they are promoted, innovate so that you succeed in becoming a high-income writer.

40. Create a blog

Keep in mind that creating a blog is not as easy as imagined. Need consistency so that blogs can make money. However, it turns out blogs can be used as a side business if you like writing.

What are the conditions for a successful blog?

  • Try to make quality articles
  • Choose an attractive and easy to remember domain name
  • Choose a fast hosting service
  • Ruin updates quality articles
  • Easy to read design

If you can meet these criteria, your blog will be fast and can generate money passively income.

Many success stories of bloggers who make hundreds of millions of money every month.

41. Online designer services such as web designers

In addition to writing trends, the trend of blogs is also increasing. Now you can take advantage of this opportunity for those of you who are good at coding. You can open web design services and sell them on the internet.

There are several parts you can do when choosing as a web designer, namely:

  • Sell ​​blogger and WordPress templates
  • Selling system databases such as campus websites, schools or other data websites
  • Make an e-commerce web design
  • Serving website creation services

So many opportunities exist, but, as a side business, you must be smart in managing your time. This business is perfect for those who like coding and those of you who work in the same field. Suppose you work in the office of the software engineer.

42. Software developer

The next most successful small business ideas is software developer. You can make various types of games, accounting software, and cashier software.

The Google Play trend is also popular, you can generate income by uploading it in Playstore. Create an interesting application, register yourself with Admob. You will get a big income if your software is used by busy people via Android phones.

43. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business without capital, you only need a means for promotion, you can do it by creating your own blog or using social media.

Look for a company that really pays the commission. The affiliate business is perfect for beginners and those who don’t have a product. There are several popular affiliate websites like AmazoneBay, and many more.

44. Selling information products

Information products must contain information that really provides a solution for your readers. Don’t just sell with the word seduction. But information products must be of high value so that consumers can be satisfied.

Digital information products are products in the form of digital books (Ebooks) or videos. It can be a self-made book, tutorials and so on.

45. Become a Youtuber

For those of you who diligently watch television shows or diligently open youtube, of course, you will often see the success stories of youtuber.

Yes, it turns out youtube can provide additional income. You can also make this field a side business ideas from home.

What videos can be crowded with visitors?

  • Videos must be original creations themselves
  • Videos must be interesting so they have a viral effect

The more crowded your video audience is, the greater the amount of money you will receive. However, you must follow all existing regulations. Please read on the internet to get further knowledge.

46. Online Course

The online course turns out you can make a side business ideas from home, why? Because you can teach at night after office work.

Now, this business is perfect for those of you who have advantages in certain fields, for example, experts in the field of English.

For the first step, you can use media hangouts on Google Plus for the learning and teaching process. After advancing, you can open your own website.

47. Creating an E-commerce Website

The e-commerce business trend is also growing, this is because the shopping trend has changed to the online sector. There are various types of e-commerce today.

  • B2B => (Business to Business). Need big capital, because the goal is company to company.
  • C2C => (Customer to Customer). This means that e-commerce is only a means for traders.
  • B2C => (Business to Customer) You sell your own products to consumers
  • Classified => Only as a means of promoting traders

You can make a B2C type e-commerce website by selling your own products. It does require considerable capital.

What needs to be remembered is, master the knowledge first, market research, understand SEO and how to promote.

Final Words

Those are some side business you can try as a side job if you are a full-time employee. Having a side job will help you earn more so that you have money to spare and put it in your savings. Therefore, you will have enough for your retirement plan. Which one of these business ideas from home that you think most suitable for you?

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