Many people assume that lazy people will not be able to achieve their dreams and hopes in many ways. Often these lazy people are not trusted to do certain jobs because they are considered unable to do the task as expected. And often lazy people are identified as stupid.

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In fact, many lazy people are smart. If they are given a task that requires deadlines, they are likely to find a way to do the task quickly. But that doesn’t mean that all lazy people are smart, that’s wrong.

There are certain jobs that can be entrusted to smart slackers. This job does not take long to work on, but the pay is quite large, you know.

And for you lazy people, consider the following review:

6 Best Jobs For Lazy People

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Product Tester

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Maybe you think this job is something strange. In fact, in some countries the profession as a tester is not underestimated.

There are many products that usually require a tester, such as video games, beds, furniture, food, hotel rooms, and so on. A professional game tester can get paid $ 18 per hour. It’s only from one game, imagine if he becomes a tester of 10 games in a day.

A hotel room tester gets the task of enjoying the hotel facilities and services. His review of hotel rooms and hotel facilities became an important input for managers of the hotel. So it’s not arbitrary to be a tester.

A person who is a food tester has the duty to try a food product and provide a review of the food. For example a chocolate product tester. From this profession, it turns out that lazy people can make money of $ 70,000 per year. Many, yes!

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Programmer

In addition to requiring high concentration, the profession of a programmer also requires intelligence and precision in work. Could a lazy person be a programmer?

As mentioned before, lazy doesn’t mean stupid. That is, smart slackers can be great programmers, as long as their interests are programmers.

The richest person in the world, Bill Gates once said that he prefers to employ a lazy but smart person because that person will find a simple way to make a job faster.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Extra Actor

Extra actor is not a careless profession because there are actually many famous actors who originated from extras. In the United States the profession of being a extras actor turned out to be able to make substantial money. From several sources mentioned that this profession can produce at least $ 300 a day.

Extra income will be even greater if the person is a member of the Screen Actor Guild (SAG). Besides that, this profession can be a stepping stone for someone to learn to act further than senior artists on the set.

“Screen Actors Guild Award is an award given by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) to recognize outstanding performance by its members” Wikipedia.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Professional Foreigner

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Believe it or not, it turns out that in China there is a unique profession that can be carried out by foreigners, especially those with western faces. In China, foreigners can be paid dearly just like celebrities only to attend an event.

The job of a professional foreigner is to behave like a famous and charismatic person, and shake hands with invited guests. Although this profession seems easy and trivial, it turns out that the wages earned from this profession can reach $ 1000 – $ 1,600 in a week.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Participant in Research Studies

The next job or profession that can be done by lazy people is to volunteer research studies. There have been many studies and experiments conducted to prove a hypothesis of scientists. And this activity requires one or several participants.

One of the studies in America that requires lazy participation is research on sleep, where lazy people are studied while sleeping. Although it looks simple and trivial, it turns out that the income earned by participants from this activity is quite a lot.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Pet Walking Friend

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In the United States there are many pet owners who don’t have time to take their pets for a walk. To do this, they pay other people for an hourly fee.

For the task of taking a pet for a walk, you will be paid $ 50 per hour. This is just a walk with one pet in 1 hour. What a strange profession.

source: businessoldnet

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