There are many Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment, from the easiest to those that require special skills, such as website creation services.

The existence of the Internet does offer many opportunities to earn additional income. If you want to take seriously, some Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment can provide enormous benefits.

Moreover, there are many Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment that do not require special abilities or criteria. In other words, anyone can try as long as they have an adequate internet connection.

Even if it cannot be relied upon as the main source of income, a number of Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment from the Internet can add to the coffers of income so that expenditure items can be more lenient.

Well, for those of you who are actively searching for Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment from the Internet, the seven ways below are worth a try.

7 Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment 2019

1.Paid online surveys

make money online surveys

Filling out surveys may be familiar to you. But, do you know yet that a number of companies are willing to pay for surveys that you complete? One of the objectives is for the related companies to know public opinion about the products they make or develop.

Some companies provide rewards for filling out surveys in the form of reward points that can be exchanged into money. For example, on the YouGov site you can get cash through a PayPal account, top-up credit, and shopping vouchers. New points can be exchanged in cash after reaching 5000 points or as much as SG $ 25.

In addition to the Internet network, the only requirement needed to participate in paid surveys is to have a PayPal account. Because, the majority of companies that offer paid surveys generally make payments through PayPal accounts.

Besides being able to do it easily, the time needed can be adjusted to your schedule. For employees or workers, you can even fill out this paid survey when having a lunch break or while on the way to the office. Of course, if you’re not driving.

Besides YouGov, other paid online survey providers that can be tried are ViewFruit, Clixsense, Opinion World, Mobrog, SurveyOn, and so on.

2. Social Media Evaluator

The capital needed by a social media evaluator is only a gadget and an Instagram account or other social media. Simply put, the work of a social media evaluator is to assess a number of ads on social media.

For example, answering the following questions:

  • “How attractive this ad is to you”
  • “How much do you want to see this ad?”
  • “How informative is this ad for you?”, And so on.

Generally, the payment of an evaluator’s social media ranges from US $ 5-6 per hour. So, if you can spend up to four hours in one day, you can get around US $ 20-24 per day.

Not bad right? Within a month you can get extra income of up to $ 1000 a month.

If you are interested in trying, you can register on the Appen site as a social media evaluator.

Based on the experience of freelancers on the site, you must be patient to wait for four to five months until you are declared accepted and offered a project or job.

3. Write SEO articles

how to make money online for free

This one Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment is perfect for you who like to write and have good writing skills. Some sites that offer SEO articles and work projects that you can try are the sites of Babe, Sribulancer, Freelancer, and so on.

Simply put, SEO articles are articles on any topic that can be attempted to appear on the first page on Google search engines. The goal is that the more likely people are to read the article, so the potential for people’s interest in the brand or product offered by the related company is even higher.

Rates for article writing services vary depending on many factors, such as the number of words and the difficulty level of the topic written. Ranging from $ 3 to $ 15 per article for novice writers. Of course, your experience and portfolio can increase your selling price.

If you don’t feel confident, take it easy, just type “SEO friendly writing guide” on a search engine on the Internet, so you can learn thousands of tutorial options.

4. Sell photos or videos online

legitimate ways to make money online

Photography hobbies or making videos?

Instead of your shots only fulfilling the memory of the gadget, it’s better to be converted into money. You can display and sell your work on various photo provider platforms, such as Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStockphoto, FreeDigitalPhotos, and so on.

Generally, the benefits that you can get in the form of commissions from each of your photos that are downloaded or purchased by people. The amount of commission varies on each platform, starting from 20-45 percent of the sale price.

5. Selling designs

The designers or you who have high creativity and the spirit of art, are very able to peddle your work and services on the Internet. In fact, by selling online, your market target is getting wider and unlimited.

One of the digital markets that provides a forum for marketing digital works, such as graphic design works, is Envato Market. On this site there are a number of digital work categories that you can choose according to your qualifications.

In addition to marketing products in the online digital market, you can also make money by participating in various contests held by communities, institutions and the government.

Some sites that regularly provide contests that you deserve to try are 99designs, logotournament, logomyway, and so on.

6. Services entrusted from overseas marketplace

how to make money online without paying anything

Open deposit services? Ah it’s really lazy to have to go around looking for items ordered by the buyer.

Calm down, the deposit service can be done without leaving the house. Just prepare the Internet and snacks so you don’t get bored.

Many people are interested in buying goods in the marketplace or online stores from other countries, such as Amazon, eBay, IndieGogo, and so on. However, generally the intention to buy is forced to cancel because prospective buyers do not have a credit card or PayPal account.

Well, for those of you who have a credit card or PayPal account, this can be a golden opportunity to make a profit. You can offer a purchase service for goods from sites from other countries by placing a tariff for purchasing services of 5-15 percent of the price of goods.

This one Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment is like a personal shopper. The difference is, prospective buyers have given the link to the item they want, so your job is only to help the purchase process.

Besides the benefits of money, you can also get reward points from spending made using a credit card. But, don’t forget to immediately pay off your credit card payment before maturity.

7. Test the micro-tasking application

This is how to earn money from home without any investment which is very easy. The capital needed is a smartphone with a high Internet connection.

It’s your job to only install applications that offer micro-tasking and follow the instructions given.

For example, the Snapcart application offers cashback for every shopping receipt you upload or the Cash Gift application that offers points that can be exchanged for cash simply by watching advertisements, installing applications, or doing other simple tasks.

Other micro-tasking applications that you can try are Google Opinion Rewards, Showbox, Cash for Apps, and so on.

The benefits of micro-tasking applications are indeed not big. But, it is comparable to the work done. You also do not need to spend special time working on the instructions given. You can do it while waiting or while in public transportation. Think of it, fun with prizes.

Final Words

Those of you who are currently looking for extra income, the Seven Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment above are very feasible to try. If disciplined, this method can make your financial condition safer.

Finding additional sources of income can also be a good opportunity in your time management.

So, what are the Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment that you want to try the most?

Source: businessoldnet

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