You don’t have a college degree yet? No need to worry. There are some Highest Paying Jobs, even though they don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

You who don’t have time to go to college and hold a bachelor’s degree need not be discouraged first. A bachelor’s degree is important, but a bachelor’s degree cannot be a guarantee that your life will be good and your career is brilliant. There are many ways that can be taken so that your future remains bright.

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For those of you who don’t have a bachelor’s degree, here will be Businessoldnet giving you 9 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree but can make you rich. Anything?

9 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Actors and actresses

6 figure salary jobs without college degree

To become an artist you are not required to become a scholar. You can take a course or training in an art studio. Can be a theater studio, modeling. Then you can register with an agent who has already orbit many famous artists.

Make sure the agent you are following is really reliable, huh. You don’t need to feel inferior if you don’t have the looks or physical support, many of the actors and actresses on the screen can soar because of their acting skills. Salaries received range from hundreds to millions of dollars.

Flight attendant

To become a flight attendant you are not required to get a higher education. Armed with a high school diploma you can take part in training to become a flight attendant. However, there are indeed some physical requirements that must be met. For example, a height for men of at least 170 cm and a woman 160 cm and not wearing glasses. Salaries are certainly high, especially if you choose to be a flight attendant for international flights at well-known airlines.


how to get a job without a degree

Just like artists, singers are Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree. You can practice sounds that you have by diligently participating in vocal school. There your ability to process vowels will be cooked carefully. If your flight hours are high, more payments will be received. In fact, you can pocket millions of dollars in just one gig. Interested?


Freelance Writer

A writer does not have a bachelor’s degree in literature. As long as you can process words well you can write and publish your own books. You will get a number of royalties from books sold. Especially if the book you write is raised to the big screen, you will also get more royalties to be pocketed as a book writer. Just look at J.K. Rowling, thanks to writing the Harry Potter book, is now on the list of one of the richest people in the world.


Adept at playing musical instruments? You can be a musician. In fact, many well-known musicians who don’t need a bachelor’s degree can be as famous as they are now. What you need as capital is your ability to play musical instruments and arrange songs. The more diverse musical instruments that can be played, the faster your career will rise later. The money that your pocket is also quite large, around thousands to millions of dollars once appear.

Air traffic control

To become Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree air traffic control, you can already work as an air traffic control officer at the airport. Previously there was also special training that you would get before. Your main job is to keep an eye on the airplane in the air and ensure that aircraft traffic runs safely and remains under control. Indeed responsibility is borne very large. However, the salary that you get is also not playing games.

Developer Website

high paying jobs without a degree or experience

You don’t have to have an IT degree to become a website developer. You can learn this skill self-taught. In fact, in an all-digital era like now a website developer will be highly sought after. The money you will get is also quite high. About hundreds to thousands of dollars, each time only makes one website. But of course, it is commensurate with the level of complexity that is done.

Elevator technician

This job cannot be underestimated. Although it does not require a bachelor’s degree, this work requires special expertise. Moreover, the responsibility carried out is also large because it relates to the lives of many people. Your main task is to ensure and maintain the elevator machine to work properly. Even so, the salary obtained is also worth it.


How to Become an Entrepreneur

You can be your own boss without a bachelor’s degree. With enthusiasm, tenacity and unyielding you can be a reliable businessman. Armed with hard work and abstinence, you can set up a company that might succeed!

So, what Highest Paying Jobs will you choose later?

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